Convention Center - South East Hall

3375 S Swenson St

Las Vegas, NV 89169

November 16th - 17th, 2019

10am-7pm Saturday

10am-6pm Sunday

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Grail Rewards

Comic Book Rewards

Grail Rewards is a revolutionary platform that gives every collector the chance to earn a comic book grail! Members join for free and then buy comic donation bundles for kids or soldiers abroad. An equal amount of Grail Coins are earned and can be spent on valuable graded comic book reward offerings. We set out to develop a fun, sustainable platform that would give comic collectors a new way to obtain key issues that might be unattainable due to escalating prices. We envisioned a hybrid system that involved graded comic books, crypto style reward coins and charity raffles. At first glance Grail Rewards might look like just another comic book website. Get past the masks and spandex and you will see its real identity! We are the first site to offer comic book crypto reward coins that are earned by purchasing ‘Comic Rewards 4 Kids’ bundles. Every bundle purchased gives the buyer an equal number of Grail Coins to spend on any reward product offering. The generosity of the comic community gives our team the ability to hand pick comic book packages that are sent to teachers all over the country. This helps us grow the next generation of comic book collectors and promotes literacy. Recently we introduced our second charitable program, ‘Super Heroes 4 Soldiers’. Every time a user purchases a comic book reward offering, our team creates a special comic care package that is shipped overseas to a member of the United States military. Help us bring comic books to real life super heroes that defend our freedom! How do you join the fun? Register today, buy as many ‘Comic Rewards 4 Kids’ Bundles as desired and then check out the latest reward products. How would you like to take a shot at multiplying your Grail Coins by 10x, 20x or more? If you are feeling lucky join our special Grail Flash promotions available on Instagram (@Grail_Rewards).